A. Monitoring

The first four weeks allows us to adjust to the diet, both psychologically and physically. By recording these changes (along with our nutritional intake), it allows us to adjust the diet to our needs. I would recommend recording the below for the first four weeks:

  • Weight at the beginning of week 1, end of week 2 and end of week 4. Record your weight under the same conditions each time (ideally first thing in the morning before food).
  • Calories – this includes total number of calories as well as the breakdown of fats, proteins and carbs. An app such as MyFitnessPal will do this for you.
  • Pictures of yourself (front and side on) at the beginning of week 1, end of week 2 and end of week 4.
  • How your feel on a daily basis both physically and emotionally. A simple journal will suffice or a mood tracking app.
  • Ketone levels daily. I would recommend some cheap ketone sticks from Amazon.
  • Activity levels – How much exercise have you done, and number of estimated calories burnt (again, My Fitness Pal is great for this).

At the end of four weeks, review the data and look back at the changes you have made. You can then start to optimize our diet according to the results.