01. Your Road Map to Success

While it may seem like a strange idea, ‘to lose fat, eat more fat’, people are beginning to awaken to the idea that it is carbs (mostly processed carbs and sugar) that are the actual cause of rising health problems around the world (such as type 2 diabetes).

If you follow a Ketogenic Diet then you will experience the health benefits. However, for some (if not most), the initial excitement fades as you eat the same burger with no bun for the third time this week; become tired of constantly looking at food labels; feel awkward in social situations just wanting to eat something ‘normal’ for a change or the whole diet just becomes tiresome as you have to eat exactly 1981 calories every day, of which 394 must come from Wagyu Beef.

I want to provide you with not just another diet which you must follow religiously, otherwise it will not work, but a diet where the principles are a sound method of adapting the diet to your lifestyle and not the other way around. Yes, it will still require work, dedication, and label reading (in the beginning at least), but once you have the knowledge and experience, you’ll progress from beginner to master and you can begin to adapt the Ketogenic Diet to how you live your life. This is what the guide promises to give you.

The 100 recipes will keep you from bland food and boredom. None of the recipes are ‘gourmet’ and they don’t require ingredients from a remote village in South America or liquid nitrogen for preparation. The recipes are intended to be ‘everyday’; easy to find ingredients; easy to prepare (less than 25 minutes) but still tasty. All the recipes include detailed nutritional information (to save you from looking at all the labels).

I also realize starting a diet can be hard. Procrastination is often a killer to many health goals. So take action now rather then read and thinking about it, cause those two will not help you loose weight or achieve whatever your goal is.